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At Emisphere Technologies Tarrytown NY; JUN 12 - DEC 21 2007


At Pharmavene, a subsidiary of Shire Group in the Maryland-DC Metro Area; 1996-1997




  • Panel Member, Hormonal Influences in Drug Efficacy, Safety and Metabolism, FDA Workshop on Gender Studies in Product Development; Scientific Issues and Approaches. Editor of Executive Summary
  • Institute of Medicine/FDA Workshop, Roundtable on Research and Development of Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices. Rational Therapeutics for Infants and Children. NRC Washington DC 1999; chaired by Ron Estabrook MD and Sumner Yaffe MD
  • FDA-NICHD Workshop: Clinical Pharmacology during Pregnancy Washington DC 2000
  • FDA-BIO-PhARMA Educational Conference on the Impact of Genetics on Product Discovery and Development Rockville MD 1998
  • FDA-NCI Workshop On Tumor Vaccines Bethesda MD 1998
  • FDA-PhRMA: Workshop on the Guidance for Population Pharmacokinetics in Drug Development and Regulatory Decision Making Rockville MD; 1999
  • FDA-PhRMA: Workshop on Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics in Drug Development and Regulatory Decision Making Rockville MD 2002
  • FDA-ASH Workshop Biomarkers in Oncology Washington DC 2005
  • FDA Workshop: ECG Warehouse and Review Process Rockville MD 2005
  • FDA-ASH Workshop Clinical Endpoints in Multiple Myeloma Washington DC 2006
  • FDA-AHRQ Workshop: Implementation of Risk Minimization Action Plans (RiskMAPs) to Support Quality Use of Pharmaceuticals: Opportunities and Challenges. Rockville MD 2007
  • NIH Roadmap Workshop: Bridging the Gap between Preclinical and Clinical Evaluation of Therapeutic Candidates Bethesda MD 07/2007
  • DHHS: Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures (PHEMC) Enterprise Stakeholders Workshop Washington DC 08/2007
  • DHHS Workshop: Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) Industry Day Washington DC 08/2007
  • Uniformed Services University Center for Deployment Psychology Training: Addressing the Psychological Health of Warriors and Their Families: PTSD, Depression and TBI College Park MD Spring 2009
  • FDA Workshop: Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies for Certain Opioid Drugs Gaithersburg MD Spring 2009
  • Canada-U.S. Partners in Biomedical Defense II Conference 03/2010 Wash DC
  • NIH/DHS/Workshop: Vaccines or Emerging Infectious Diseases and Biothreat Agents 04/2010 Frederick MD
  • NIH/NIAID/DMID Workshop: Staphylococcus Vaccines, 05/2010 Washington DC
  • NIH/NIAID/DMID Workshop: Lyme Disease, 06/2010 Washington DC
  • FDA/NIH/Gates Fdn/Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens Launch Workshop; 06/2010 Wash DC
  • NIH/NIGMS Quantitative & Systems Pharmacology Workshop: 09/2010 Bethesda
  • IEEE-NIH Life Science Systems and Application Workshop (LiSSA 11) 04/2011 Bethesda MD
  • FDA CDER Small Business Assistance Program, Clinical Trials Forum 04/2011 Silver Spring MD
  • AFMS-CTSA Collaboration Workshop: Opportunities in Translational Science Research. Bethesda MD 05/2011
  • FDA-ECRI Workshop: Patient-Centeredness in Policy and Practice - a Conference on Evidence, Programs, and Implications. White Oak MD 11/2011
  • NIH Workshop on Natural History Studies of Rare Diseases: Meeting the Needs of Drug Development and Research. Bethesda MD 05/2012
  • FDA/CDER Assessment of Analgesic Treatment of Chronic Pain: A Scientific Workshop Bethesda MD 05/2012
  • FDA CDER Small Business Assistance Program, FDASIA Updates, Combination Drugs and Devices. 09/2012 Washington DC
  • NIH Office of Disease Prevention: Evidence-based Methodology Workshop on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Bethesda MD 12/2012
  • Endocrine Society Meeting and Presentation, Washington DC 06/95; San Francisco CA 06/1996
  • Generic Pharmaceutics Industry Association, Boca Raton FL 03/1996
  • Society for Neuroscience, Washington DC 11/1996
  • American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics: San Diego 03/1997; Atlanta 03/2002, 03/2010; Orlando 03/2005; Baltimore 03/2006; Orlando 04/2008, Washington DC 03/2009
  • Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, Washington DC 9/1997; Washington DC 10/1998
  • American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Boston MA 11/1997
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington DC 02/2000 Drug Metabolism: Innovations in Discovery and Development Philadelphia PA 03/2000
  • American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine Annual Conference: New Treatments for Sports Injuries Washington DC 04/2006
  • International AIDS Society-USA CME course: Improving The Management of HIV Disease,Course in HIV Pathogenesis, Antivirals, and Other Selected Issues. Washington DC 06/2010
  • DC Science Writers Association Professional Development Day, Washington DC 04/2011
  • American Medical Informatics Association Annual Conference, Washington DC 10/2011
  • Joslin Center Diabetes Innovation 2012. Washington DC 09/2012
  • FDLI Reception Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the 1962 Amendments. Washington DC
  • International Congress for Educators in Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Washington DC 10/2012
  • ECRI Workshop: Creating Systemness Within Healthcare Delivery - Can Success be Proven and Shared? Washington DC 11/2012

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