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Specialized / Integrated Medical Writing

Newsletter articles; ebooks; online media
Vetting nonfiction and fiction material for scientific and medical authenticity
Blogging: healthcare delivery models, impact of discoveries, integrative health insights
Science and Medical publications arising from preclinical and clinical studies
Grant writing assistance: government, nonprofit and for profit enterprises
Reports on research breakthroughs in biotechnology
Fiction Books: Publishing services provided under the subsidiary, TriplePlay Publishing (tm) LLC

Areas of focus / Niche services

Hormonal influence on drug metabolism and effect
Drug-thyroid hormone membrane transporters
Aromatase Assay to screen reproductive toxicity
Assessment of potential endocrine disrupters
Reproductive and pediatric labeling sections of Package Inserts
Speciality Areas: aromatase, estrogen, thyroid hormone, ADHD safety issues

Drug Formulation Development

Drug Delivery Optimization and Enhancement
Novel routes of administration for established therapies and indications
Design of efficient pharmacodynamic parameters/biomarkers for formulation testing
Drug registration strategies for franchise extension related to new formulations

Clinical / Medical

Individually customized healthcare evaluations and recommendations
Preclinical Assessment and development of biological surrogates markers
First in Man studies: when and how to do
Clinical Trials: design, data analysis and report writing, Phase I - IV
Adverse Event: interpretation and investigation
New Drugs: indications, dosing, drug labeling (Package Insert)
NDA/IND applications: planning / writing / review
Investigating unmet clinical needs: new indications for approved drugs
505(b)2  NDA strategies

Drug Development / Business Intelligence

Portfolio development and pipeline strategies
Technology transfer activities in biotechnology
Venture capital project assessment: evaluation of biotechnology intellectual property and FDA regulatory strategies
Drug Development strategies: preclinical through postmarketing phases
White Paper reports on market niches, estimate trends

Legal Assistance

Expert Witness background information
Case assessments
Due Diligence Assessments
Patent review and expert reports

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